7 MLM Tips – How To Explode Your MLM Business

The following tips are struggles that I personally went through. I’m sharing these 7 MLM Tips with you in hopes that I can help you cut some corners in your journey in network marketing

MLM Tip #1 Master One Marketing Strategy – When jumping into on-line marketing you really want to have one marketing strategy mastered before you start jumping into others. Let me help you see this so that its loud and clear. I recommend indulging your self in a “buffet” of strategies for roughly six to seven days. Explore all avenues of attraction marketing and choose one that resonates best with you it being online or offline marketing. This MLM tip is great if you get it down. jeddahvape

MLM Tip #2 Create Leaders (Alphas) Not Followers (Betas) – Don’t hear me wrong, betas are awesome, but if you’re new to network marketing you want to prospect people who have leader qualities (Alphas). Create ten leader in your down-line, then fish out betas. Betas take time build up to alpha state, if you have the time to build that, it’s a very powerful long-term strategy. Look to see who shines in your crowd of friends or local networking events.

MLM Tip #3 Know That Your First Year In MLM Will Be A Learning Experience – Ninety-five percent of new network marketers quit within their first six-to-twelve months. I found that one needs to educate them self in the industry to know what to expect before plowing in to MLM. This industry is about NET-WORKING, it’s a people business. One must listen, see whats going on around them and take action. Basic “things” to master right off the bat are: Prospecting, Rapport-Building, Follow-Up, Follow-Up, Follow-Up and Closing The Deal! I learned this MLM tip through experience, the hard way. sob-bau

MLM Tip #4 Envision Your Success – This Is Extremely Hardcore – You have to – have to envision your self succeeding at this game. One needs to envision the results that one is desiring in conjunction with taking action every day. Every day you should be doing something – anything that is getting you closer to your dream. Find the reason WHY… you’re doing this business, that’s the motivation behind everything anyone does. We all do something for a reason, that reason is the WHY we do anything and everything in life. FIND YOUR WHY

MLM Tip #5 Follow the Formula – Every MLM company out there for the most part has a training system, if your company doesn’t have one you have to ask your self “Am I with the right company?”. What I consider a great “FORMULA” is a training system has Rapport, Prospecting and Closing modules, goal setting training, weekly training events available to you 24/7… Your company has a system – follow it. Talk to your leaders and start cranking the wheel…hard. My personal recommendation is creating 1-2 pieces of content everyday [article & video], Invite as many qualified prospects to watch your company presentation online or offline, attend every MAJOR event, NEVER pitching your opportunity, grab everyone elses business card and follow-up… odozapato

MLM Tip #6 Get Money in the hands of others – If you’re doing online marketing I recommend promoting other peoples product. Get attention from the people you want to be like. They will help if and when you put money in their pockets, trust. Now, if you get cash into the hands of your new recruiters and teach them how to make cash online to give them a return in their investment, trust me when say you will be successful in this business. This builds a great down-line culture. rtp500

MLM Tip #7 Work on your mindset 15-20 min per day – Personal growth is something I strive for on a daily basis. For fifteen-to-twenty minutes a day I work on my mindset and envision how I would like my day and future to manifest, similar to tip number four, but different. My mindset is How I started gaining the confidence to approach and invite anyone I thought would make a great fit in my personal team on top of that my mindset allowed me to receive money from others yes receive money. Many have issues allowing money in their life. Not having enough or having more than enough is a mindset.  odozapato


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