Simple Card Tricks

Ever wonder how a magician manages to raise a card from a deck of cards? Or balancing a glass of water on top a deck of cards? Or balance a card on your hand? These are simple card tricks to learn that is sure to impress your friends. rg3th

Lets start with the raising of a card, which is one of the most simple card tricks out there. There are two ways to accomplice this; one is with a gaffed deck of cards or impromptu. How this suppose to look like is the card that a audience member picked out, memorized and or signed rises out of the deck. Be sure to put the cards either back in the case or against glass. This is so that they can see that you are not touching the cards. v9slot

How to prepare for this particular trick involves if you decide to use a gaffed deck; is to take a small portion of the deck and string them together. To do this to place a thin pulley that has been weighted, inside them. To make the pulley system consists of “double sided sticky tape” being attached. This is so that when you as the magician turn the cards upside over, causes the weight to fall causing the card to lift up. joker8899z

There is an alternate version of this trick using just elastic. The elastic needs to be white or if not elastic a piece of old clothing. You may have to trim the piece of elastic; just take a pair of scissors and fray the elastic, removing the individual strings. Alternate material would be white rubber bands, which you may once again have to trim. Of course if you rather not do the prep work yourself you could purchase a ready made gaffed deck just for this trick.

Tip: It is recommended to use the jokers to save your deck of cards for this simple card trick. Just put one face up and one face down then using the sticky tape tape the elastic to the jokers. Just do yourself a favor don’t use too much tape, the audience may see the tape. 123maxx

To set this trick up place a face up card like the five of hearts so the audience can see then place it in the middle of the deck. Show the bottom card then place the card that is taped on the bottom then the top card over the taped card, make sure that the cards stick. Another trick to this one is to cut out a triangle in the case so you can use a finger to raise the chosen card by pushing it up.

Slowly loosen your grip on the cards the card should raise. Like every trick practice makes perfect.
Tip: When practicing use a mirror to watch yourself. This is to make sure no one will see what you are doing.

Another trick to this one is to cut out a triangle in the case so you can use a finger to raise the chosen card by pushing it up. ruay88

The next of the simple card tricks for beginners involves an ordinary glass and deck of cards. To start the trick ask an audience member to say stop, when they do, remove the card that was stopped at, show it from every angle then balance the empty or full glass on the card.

To do this you will need this few things: “double sided sticky tape or glue” and a deck of cards.

To set this trick up will take some preparation. Take any card and a joker out of the deck. Folding the joker length wise so the card halves are back to back, use the double side tape or a little bit of glue on the face of one side, then press the sides together for an exact fit. thetechboy

Then carefully press the joker’s face to back of the deck. Casually hold the cards, show both sides of the cards, meanwhile pinch the open side of the cards together so it looks normal. Meanwhile take any opportunely to unfold the joker’s back, this is so it can be the stand for the glass. Be careful of the glass’s weight since the card can hold a limited weight.


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