11X17 Color Laser Printers

An 11×17 color laser printer provides high quality printing and proves especially useful for medium to large sized businesses. There are plenty of models and price points to choose from. Three price points, husamjandal containing over ten models of 11×17 machines, include models under $2,500.00, styles under $3,000.00 and types under $6,000.00.

The under $2,500.00 category contains at least four good models. Konica-Minolta, Oki and Ricoh all make good printers in this category. Of the styles in this category, ricoh-printer the style Ricoh offers has the most benefits. It prints more quickly and more inexpensively than the other models, coming in at forty pages at 1.2 cents per page. It also has a high max resolution, high print quality, and high paper capacity. It outperforms the competitors in this price range. It does cost a little more than the others in this range, but the savings per page pays the difference, over time. newsbreak

The under $3,000.00 level styles have five high quality offerings in this price range, including HP, Konical-Minolta, Xerox, Ricoh, and Okidata. Once again, the offering from Ricoh in this price range outclasses the others, offering the most benefits. It prints more quickly, has a higher max resolution, higher print quality and higher paper capacity than the others in this price scale. mastermovers

The under $6,000.00 level models contain the same five brands as the under $3,000.00 level ones. A better Ricoh offering, with more benefits, outshines the competition again. The Ricoh prints faster, prints cheaper, prints at as high a resolution, has the second highest print quality, and has more paper capacity than the competitors do. The real benefit for this offering, like less expensive Ricoh models, is that it saves money per page printed versus the competition. Over time, this will cost less and less compared to the other available machines.

Shopping for a high quality 11×17 color laser printer often gets tedious and complicated. The Ricoh out-shined the competition listed above, but there are other companies that make good machines as well. High quality printers can be found at a number of different places, including large department stores, For more info visit these sites:, shorpnews.
bishamconsulting office supply stores, and computer specialty stores and on the internet. The best place to learn about the different types of offerings available is on the internet. The internet allows the comparison of all the brands without the hassle of sales pressure. Great ways to compare include checking the printing speed, the highest max resolution, the print quality, and the paper capacity, of models in a certain price range. Get the most out of printing technology by comparing models with one another.


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