Finding the Silver Lining in Your Clouds

You may have heard that “obstacles are opportunities in disguise” but sometimes it is hard to accept. Here are some stories to illustrate.

I was hired by a chiropractor to work full-time, helping him a build a team in health and wellness MLM company. He had no MLM experience, and his sponsor lives several hundred miles away. He sponsored me into the team and we were working together to build. We tried to do everything our upline told us to do, and he did pretty well for a while. I struggled. But his competitive nature drove him to try to win contests, and work for higher pin levels, and in the process of doing this he wasn’t paying as much attention to his practice as he should have been. After some unfortunate circumstances unfolded, I ended up being moved from a full-time position with my own office to a part-time position at the front desk. This was not what I had in mind when I left my full-time job to join him. 포커사이트

At first I was very bitter. But eventually, I joined a different MLM company and got some great training and had lots of activities I was doing to build my business. So the silver lining is:


  1. I got me interested in MLM
  2. I have more time to work on my new business
  3. His new focus on the practice and more money from lower payroll enabled him to start a website
  4. My husband and I were thinking about a different vacation next year. My team is going on a cruise!


Here is another thing that happened. At the last convention for his company, he won a cruise. So he recently told me he is taking a week off. I will not be paid for that week. The silver lining?


  1. Even more time to work on my business!
  2. Some extra free time to relax (not taking much of that these days!)
  3. I can clean my aquariums during the week that month and not sacrifice weekend time with my husband
  4. My company has an event at the end of the week which I might want to attend


If you keep a positive attitude, everything works out. Just take a deep breath, and step back and try to view the obstacle as an outsider would, without emotion. As I wrote this article I came up with several silver linings for my stories that I hadn’t even thought of before! If you find it difficult to be objective, perhaps a friend can help you.


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