Don’t Ignore Guest Blogging and Forum Posting

Guest blogging is commenting on another person’s blog regularly while maintaining your blog site. Forum posting on the other hand is joining forum conversations in a chat or forum service. These two online activities may look subtle but are two of the most effective off-page SEO techniques you may use to promote your blog or your website. If you have been using on-page SEO to improve your site then maybe it’s time to use off-page techniques like guest blogging and forum posting, Check out their benefits: travelingplace

Highly reliable
Forum posting and blog commenting are highly reliable and have been proven to work by so many bloggers in whatever niche that they may have. Forums and blogs that offer the same topic or niche as yours will get you closer to your target market; you will be able to cover more ground and become and efficiently drive traffic to your site.

It will let you efficiently cover your market
Aside from just covering visitors and followers of your blog, fitnessbuilder you will be able to lead the way for other visitors from other blogs to your site. It is slowly driving traffic by developing formidable relationships first which is more efficient than just naturally leading visitors to your site. And when visitors realize the value of your site, you will likely be able to make a strong market for your blog without even aggressively inviting visitors to check you out.

Taking advantage of a free service aimsinstitute
Possibly the best thing about forum posting and blog commenting is that these methods are free. You don’t need to pay to post comments or join forums the most you will need to do is to create an account and provide your personal information. There are no fees or products to purchase when you join forums and blogs however you need to remember these important strategies before you make your first post or comment:

1. If possible, comment or post as a member and not just a visitor or a guest. This way, the blog owner or forum moderator will be able to recognize you and avoid labeling your comments as spam. When asked to give a handle name, use a simple one and avoid being too salty or too obvious. A simple name to distinguish you from all other posters and commenters will do. firstpost
2. Test the waters first; take a few posts or comments to build your reputation among forums. In other words, make friends first before you start luring them to your site.
3. Plan your moves especially when you plan to guest blog; this technique is making a mini blog businessinside out of someone else’s site and making regular posts that will benefit your site.
4. When you have determined the time to post your link, take it easy and include your link in a simple conversation-like manner. Take your time, atotalnews make new friends and acquaintances and most of all have fun while you are at it.


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