Press Releases That Cruise Lines Must Publish When They Buy New Ships

It is a turning point in the life of a cruise line company when they buy new ships and add them to their fleet. The news is big enough itself that the company can launch its PR from the initial step of making the decision to place an order to the time that travelers begin to experience sweet moments at the new ship purchased.

The publicity and newsworthiness of each step is so powerful that media will certainly be very much interested in all the details you publish about your purchase. It is up to the PR mangers to frequently put out such news releases and keep travelers enthusiastic about planning trips with the new ship so that they can have first-hand experiences themselves and enjoy the new features of the ship.

Reasons Why You Buy a New Ship

Companies make such purchases and add them to their fleet when there is more travel demand and they realize they should increase the scope of their activities. Sometimes, the reason could be the new facilities and equipments in the new ship that are needed for the expansion of dimension of travel services in a cruise line company. At times, some new technologies may require cruise line corporations to make such major decisions as the previous ones could not be equipped with the new facilities.

No matter which of the above is the reason for such purchase, you can take advantage of the situation and spread the news. This will be served to increase the positive image you have or to mend your tarnished image if your customers had already complained about anything in the past. Give them the peace of mind that you care and you are investing in the projects that will lead to their satisfaction in near future.

When Should You Publish Press Releases?

There could be a lot of circumstances under which you will find reasons to publish the news about various stages of such major purchases. The news articles could be put out when:

  • You make the decision to buy
  • You sign the contract
  • Your ship building company starts the project
  • Different phases of shipbuilding are completed
  • Delivery time is confirmed
  • Your ship joins the fleet
  • The first destination is chosen
  • The first trip starts
  • The ship docks at the first destination
  • Certain events are held for the occasion
  • Well-known celebrities travel with you
  • Etc

Generally, the more you publish press releases about the new ship for your cruise line company, the more you make the world familiar with your services and its efforts to make and keep the travelers satisfied. In achieving such goals, it will be highly useful to record several video clips and include them in your news stories.

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