Want a Psychic Reading by Email? Good News! 1 Shocking Fact That Most People Don’t Believe (True!)

Are you considering getting a psychic reading via email? If you are…..you are certainly not alone! The simple truth is that email readings are often the most convenient, least confrontational and “smoothest” segue into the wonderful world of authentic psychic insight, and it’s a shame that more people don’t take them up for sure.

Want to know why so many folks seem to have such difficulty with the “idea” of digital readings by email alone?

They simply can’t wrap their minds around the notion that a psychic can “read” you, or intuit your energy by simply hammering away at a keyboard, or picking up pieces of the puzzle that is you, simply by staring at the pixels on a screen.

The truth? Many readings are FAR superior when done this way…and you don’t need to take my word for it to believe! Several leading centers of scientific inquiry into psychic powers (the Windbridge Institute in California, as well as other “medium” studies taking place right now around the globe, have ADOPTED email as the de facto protocol for “testing” the GEUNINE abilities of real psychics who participate. Why? Because it’s “blind”. It removes the obstacles (and accusations) of cold reading, or body language, or appearance prejudices, and all sorts of other informational “leaks” that come face to face, or even by telephone. (i.e. – a voice can often reflect an age, or accent, or geography that can make even the BEST and most amazing readings seem suspect)

The bottom line?

I still love phone readings. And when possible, sitting down with a REAL psychic is a special experience as well. But surprisingly, I’ve had some super impressive and really amazing email readings recently, and they have TOTALLY transformed by concept of what is possible, psychically…..with only an email address to go on!

Warning! Don’t get scammed by another “fake” Psychic EVER Again!




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