Death by Diet – Great News Regarding Preventive Medicine

This is a very informative book by Robert Barefoot. It is packed with advice for health conscious individuals. It presents valuable information about what we eat and how it affects our health and longevity of life. It discusses the highly toxic medication we take on a daily basic and some of the devastating side effects we are unaware of until they hit us when it’s least expected.

Robert Barefoot gets down to the basics with this book. The book starts with outlines regarding book interviews he has completed with medical doctors. It also outlines reviews he has had on the book with notable individuals who have followed his suggestions. Another section covers endorsements from medical practitioners and industries. Before getting into the chapters, one should read the Forward, Introduction and About The Author. There is a wealth of information in these sections.

Chapter Five covers the Food and Drug Administration. This chapter is very interesting regarding the approval of drugs and the politics involved in the process. Chapters Six and Seven, which cover the Vitamin Argument and Mineral Argument are of vital interest. Both chapters touched upon the body’s need for these vitamins and how they impact the body in a positive manner.

Chapter Eleven covers Cholesterol. This gets into good and bad cholesterol for the body and how to handle such problems. The chapter outlines with which foods are best for the body and which ones to eliminate from the daily diet. Finally Chapter Sixteen covers Recipes For Health. This is just an awesome chapter to read and reread. This book is just packed with invaluable information regarding one’s diet and what is best for the body. It also provides a chart which breaks down the food type, amount of servings; and the calcium, magnesium, and potassium in each food type.

This is just an awesome book for the health conscious individual to read, especially in these critical times. Naturally, the healthier one is the better the body is prepared to fight off invading diseases. Check this book out, read it, and be more healthy than sorry.

© Joseph S. Spence, Sr., 8/15/09

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