The Kenny Chesney News Letter Issue #5

Kenny recently thanked a group of very important people at a gathering at the Musicians Hall Of Fame. “It’s not like one day – WHAM! – you’re a star,” he said, “A lot of people along the way have worked very hard so that I can stand onstage and rock those fans so people can turn on the radio and hear the songs that I sing so when you buy one of my albums, you know those songs are gonna be the best that’re available and are played as well as they could possibly be played.”

Among those in attendance were George Jones, Alabama’s Randy Owens, Mac MacAnally, Rodney Crowell and Mac Davis.There were others as well from radio, retail, the media, songwriters, promoters, players, tech people, bus drivers and family members and Kenny wanted to thank them all for his success.

Kenny went on to say,”So many people have been so generous to me, and to my fans and rather than having another party about something I’ve accomplished, I wanted to do something for all the people who have contributed to making those accomplishments possible.

For Kenny’s last concert of The Road And The Radio Tour he did something a bit unique. Here is what they did as Kenny explains.

“Anyone who was at our final show knows about Mostly Crew, the band that came on before us – that was made up of all these talented guys on my road team. I have some really great players in my organization and I wanted to give them a chance to feel what me and the guys get to experience every night we’re out there, and the Crew tore it up. To me, any time I can let someone else experience these things that make a career or an achievement special, when I can share that, well, it just makes the experience that much better. Without everyone at this party, I’d not be here and I know that, so to be able to turn around and give it back to them, well, that’s maybe the best part of this kind of success.”

Well it should come as no surprise that Kenny’s live CD entitled “Kenny Chesney – Live Those Songs Again” debuted into the Top 10 this week. Just a side note on this CD. An on-line friend of mine, Pam, told me the following:

By the way, did you get a DVD with your LIVE CD? I purchased mine from Target Store and it
is a “behind the scenes” showing him in the Sound studio, his crew, and just hanging out with his band. Great to watch.

Thanks Pam for that info. I bet my readers thank you also.

“You Save Me” has made it up to No. 10 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart but has only moved up from No. 12 in the past 2 weeks. Could it may have reached its peak? We’ll see!

Who had 100% capacity for this summers concert touring season? Here are the stats.

First – Madonna at 100%

Second – Kenny Chesney at 98.9%

Third – Nickleback at 98%

Kenny Chesney’s “LIVE: Live Those Songs Again” has entered the Billboard 200 chart at No. 4 and sat atop the Top Country Albums chart with 137,000 in sales for its first week of release. The Road and the Radio debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in 2005 with 469,000 in sales.

Here is what Kenny recently had to say about his new release.

“I know a lot of people don’t put out live CDs, but for me and the guys, when we listen back to the shows, we’re always blown away by the way the audience inspires us and lifts us up.” Kenny adds that even though the songs from the album are well-known, he did not want to make a “Greatest Hits Two” CD. “That’s why we put ‘Beer in Mexico’ and ‘Keg in the Closet’ on here,” Kenny tells X radio, “because those songs are great for us live, not necessarily the biggest hits we had on the radio.”

Apparently, since Kenny was a small boy he’s been doing this. And every day when he was married to Rene Zellweger he did this. And he still does this every day while touring on the road. Give up?

He says, “I’ve done my own laundry ever since I was a little kid. I mean my mom worked and she was a single, working mother and so, if I was gonna have clean underwear, I had to do it. “Now I’m so particular that I won’t let anybody else touch it. “On the road, (I do it) every day. You’ve got hours to waste… Usually at the venue, arena or wherever we’re playing they have a facility. “I’m one of those people who are addicted to laundry. I’m always doing it… My clothes smell really good.”

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