Hugo Chavez Has Shut Down Broadcast News Media Companies – 30 of Them

Hugo Chavez is the president of Venezuela and he was originally elected to that position and then re-elected several times. Unfortunately, he is acting a lot less like a president and more like a dictator each and every year. He has worked to change their constitution allowing for no term limits, thus giving him almost the status of a king.

Only Pro-Chavez Media or State Run Media

Hugo Chavez has been using regulations on the media and using a licensing program to shut them down. Of course, he only shuts down the media that reports things that might be offensive to his political domination. Therefore, most of the private media has been shut down except for those that are pro-Hugo Chavez.

The Winds of War

The president/dictator of Venezuela is now telling his troops to be prepared for war because the US has sent troops into Columbia to help with the narco-terrorist groups. Venezuela has been supporting FARC for years, a known terrorist group.

It should be obvious to anyone watching that this man is quickly becoming a ruthless dictator, and is using all the same tactics that Fidel Castro used to seize power in Cuba after he led the revolution with the farmers. Now Venezuela, or rather Hugo Chavez and his group called ALBA have interfered with the elections in Argentina, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and they are working to change the governments in several other nations as well.

Interestingly enough, none of this is being reported inside of Venezuela. Even bloggers have been rounded up and put in jail, and several have left the country. Please consider all this.

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