Funny Fake News

NASA sent a new ultra modern and expensive space probe to Mars again. The mission of the space probe was to look for water availability on the Red Planet, no matter how microscopic it might be. Unfortunately at the moment of landing, the contact with the space probe was lost. During the subsequent analysis of the photos it was found out that the space probe had fallen into a huge puddle. The mud had destroyed the complicated and delicate electronics of the apparatus. A NASA spokesman declared that although they had lost a space probe worth $ 2 billions, they were satisfied because they had unconditionally proved that there was water on Mars. More details please visit:-

After many years of efforts, the scientists finally have read the inscription on the column in Abu Simbel temple in Egypt. For many years the historians had been hoping this inscription to give them very valuable information about the unknown dark century when the New Kingdom changed the Old Kingdom. Literal translation of the inscription reads, “O-o-oh Hemyanu! When will you give me back my three sacks of wheat, you moron! Half the village sleeps with your wife. The other half do not sleep, because they are women and children. And I have slept, too. Do you not believe me? Your wife has a big mole on his left hip. Do you believe me now? Give me my wheat, squit!”

After reading the inscription, two archaeologists, devoted whole their lives to that, have committed suicide.

Silvester Stallone started shooting his new movie – Rocky No.16. The film will tell about already aged Rocky beating to death old Dolph Lundgren with a walking stick.

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