God is Not a Man – Good News

Here is another exciting tiding, information or revelation of the Bible to us and one that should cause or give great joy, hope and encouragement to all those who believe, trust in, serve or are on the side of God and those that want to. That good tiding is that God is not a man; neither is He the son of man. Knowledge and belief of this truth about God will go a long way in affecting and shaping the life of a person and his/her attitudes that nothing frightens or bothers him/her at all. It will also make the person to live his/her life with some degree of fear and caution with reference to God (Numbers 23:16-20; Isaiah 40:18, 25, 28).

Apart from what we saw in the Bible passages, there are other characteristics of man that may include: wickedness; selfishness; suspiciousness; craftiness; racism, sectionalism, tribalism or favoritism, insincerity, maliciousness; unforgiveness; vindictiveness; etc. These characteristics of man make it difficult for people to believe, trust, hope in and freely relate with one another. They make people to deal with their fellows with doubt, fear and unnecessary caution. They also limit people’s degree of openness and commitment to one another. Unconsciously, however, some people allow these natural reactions to the human characteristics to play or influence them in their coming to and relating with God. Some come to God with doubt, fear, lack of trust, and with limited commitment or some reservations, thinking that God is a man or the son of man. More details please visit:-https://www.woodadvisor.net https://www.bythewayhealth.com http://Techgeegs.com http://Khabraindaily.com Apnewspr.com newstimeusa.com dramacooli.org

The good news or tiding for such people and for all is that God is not a man, neither is He the son of a man. None of those characteristics of man can be traced to or associated with God. He cannot lie or repent from His gifts, callings or promises. He does not faint; He is ever strong and able to do all things that are expected of Him. There is no need of anyone approaching or relating with Him with doubt of fear of betrayal, victimization, deceit, disappointment, cheating or whatever.

Seeing that God is not a man, let us come to Him and relate with Him as God without fear; without doubt; with openness of mind; with faith or trust in His power and faithfulness and with full or total commitment of our life and all. Let us face life and all with confidence seeing God as our strength and security (Romans 8:31). As long as He does not behold iniquity or perverseness in us, He will be with us and for us. There will be no enchantment against us; neither will there be any divination that will affect us. Behold, we shall rise up always as a great lion and lift up ourselves as young lions. We shall lie down peacefully until we have overcome the prey (our enemies) and seen the spill of the blood of the slain of the Lord among them that insist on our destruction. What a tiding of great joy and hope to us and all!

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