Summer 2010 Comic News

Iron Man 2 rakes in the bucks for Marvel Millionaire Tony Stark is back to help preserve world peace while trying to stave off government attempts to get their hands on his technology. The combination of Robert Downey, Jr. and Mickey Rourke as his enemy are driving Iron Man 2 to great financial heights for Marvel Studios.

40th Anniversary Comic-Con Comic book fans from around the world will converge on San Diego from July 22-25 for the 40th anniversary of the first convention in 1970. Special guests like Ray Bradbury, who attended the first convention, will be on hand. Jenette Kahn, who was editor-in-chief and president of DC Comics from 1976 to 1993 will be available, as will many of the writers and illustrators of your favorite comics of all types. More details please visit:-

Wonder Woman gets new Duds After nearly 60 years in her patriotic swimsuit, Amazon superhero Wonder Woman gets a fresh new look that covers a little more of her aging body. In the 600th issue of Wonder Woman, she’s outfitted in trendy leggings and long sleeves. Lest you think this will leave her frumpy, think again, as the overall affect is still designed to appeal to her legions of fans who love her sexy looks. This has created a hailstorm of controversy and buzz in the comic world. Some people love the new look, others hate it, with no seeming middle ground.

American Reaper In 2008, famed 2000AD creators decided to form a company that would make graphic novels, not comics, but using comic characters with the ultimate goal of bringing them to film. With lots of buzz since Sting’s wife, Trudy Styler optioned American Reaper, the first of the series, for Xingu films long before it was published. In the interim, it’s been eerily quiet. Just recently, their Repeat Offenders site appeared, and everyone who attends ComicCon in San Diego will receive excerpts, with rumors of much bigger news to follow.

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