Direct Mail News – US Post Office Not Raising Rates in 2010

The announcement of U.S. Postal Service, that no raise in rates for “market-dominant products” are to be executed, was welcome news for many businesses. Market-dominant-products is a category used by Postal Service to classify first-class, standard, single piece parcel mails and periodicals. Flyers and brochures remain one of the most important advertising method available to businesses and the customers who search for great deals and special offers. It was confirmed by Postmaster General & Chief Executive Officer, John Potter, that raising the rates may remedy the Postal Service’s fiscal deficit, but would not create benefits in the long-run.

This wonderful bit of news actually means big-time savings in advertising, especially for small businesses trying to work out from the deadly clutches of a stuttering economy for the last 2 or 3 years. Many experts are saying that the recession is slowly fading. In fact, small businesses are sprouting again all over the country. This also means that consumers are spending more while still looking for cost-effective deals and offers via mail. More details please visit:- Sub-Zero Repair Locally Owned/ Brothers Run

Sending mail pieces to customers is an efficient means of sending a targeted ad. Established businesses regularly send direct mails to long-time customers to remind them of their products and services. Direct marketing can take many forms but, in general, they do have the same function–to sell and/or generate leads.

like all advertising, is about being innovative and learning how to grab opportunities when they arise. Since the cost of direct mail advertising will not change within the year, businesses can now start preparing their mailing lists again. With slow but sure improvements in economy expected this year, people are now becoming more comfortable and receptive to direct mail offers – just in time for the Holiday blitz. Take advantage of this opportunity with full confidence as your postage rates will not change this year.

Chris Barr is an experienced marketing professional and graduate of Christopher Newport University. He currently serves as Marketing Director for and may be contacted directly regarding your print advertising needs.

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