Business Writing – How to Deliver Bad News

Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news. Not only is it a generally somber task, the fact that readers aren’t likely to be very receptive to it just adds to the difficulty.

However, communicating bad news is part of everyday business. If you don’t, then you can’t refuse requests you can’t handle, turn down offers you can’t accept or inform clients when there are problems going on.

Some techniques can help soften the blow of bad news, though, and employing them in your writing should help ease the negativity just a little bit.

  • Start with something positive. Tell the good news first or pay the recipient a complim More details please visit:- http://Bestrongbehealthy.coment, before delivering your actual message. Keep it brief, though, lest raise their hopes up unnecessarily.
  • Close positively. After starting positive and delivering the bad news, close the communication in a positive tone. This cushions the negative message in between two positives, effectively lessening its impact.
  • Be empathetic. Empathize with the recipient, understanding their position and keeping it in mind when you’re writing. There’s nothing you can do about bad news, but you can show some sympathy to ease the negative effects.
  • Provide reasons. Never deliver a bad message without an accompanying reason. People want to know why and, in these cases, they usually deserve to.

When delivering a negative message, you want it to come across clearly, all while managing to keep as positive a mood as possible. To ensure clarity, use an English grammar checker – skipping it might leave them thinking you meant something else.

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