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This forex trading article will cover the wide spread problems that affect the vast majority of traders in the forex market. To put it simply fx traders have an addiction to trading. Many traders flock to the forex market and shoot with trade after trade regardless of the outcome. This is much like those who sit in front of the slot machines. They continually pull that lever, giving the house more and more money in the hopes of that one big hit. Forex trading can often lead to this similar type of craving that is wide spread in frequent gamblers, and it often has the same devastating outcome. As they say, the house always wins! The probabilities are heavily stacked in favor of the house, and that is exactly what we all must understand if we are to profit from the forex market. Throughout this trading article we will discuss how forex news trading can help overcome the epidemic of over trading, as well as some practical advice to do so.

Recognizing The Necessity For Patience

The necessity for patience as a forex trader is clear in the lack of success found among those new to the marketplace. As a general rule of thumb those new to trading usually flock to short-term trading. That observation is extremely evident with only a quick examination or any forex forum on. If we all know how the majority trade, and we know there is a gigantic 95% failure rate, then why do the vast majority continue to be led like sheep to the slaughter?

Trading short-term like scalping and day trading is a drug to forex traders new to this marketplace! It perpetuates the desire for the next big win, and keeps them pulling the forex slot machine handle. With this feeling running rampant among new traders, they again and again over trade their way right out of the forex market.

Does that mean that one should never look into scalping or day trading? In short the answer is no! The problem is not with a single type of trading, but rather it lies with the over trading that is so common among short-term traders. As we just discussed the vast majority of forex traders fail, and they do so trading short-term. That reality should empower you to change!

Fixing Your Forex Trading Troubles

It’s at this point that every person has to be honest with themselves in order to become profitable in the forex marketplace. If you have been struggling with learning forex, and more importantly learning to trade forex profitability then it’s imperative that a change is made. Its been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results. In view of this, I feel that it is imperative to realize how forex news trading can help in your struggle for profitability. First and foremost economic news is always scheduled. Considering that fact, it is impossible to over trade forex news as there are only so many news releases each week.

As an example lets consider forex news spike trading. Every week fx news traders know what economic data is to be released, and in specific the data that will generate large spikes in the forex market. This limits spike traders to specific trading opportunities, thus keeping them from over trading. On average there are often 5-10 tradeable events per week. Keeping the times you trade to a minimum at first is a good way of developing discipline, as well as patience.

Spike trading is not restricted to just those trading in the currency market. The same economic data that creates huge spikes in forex does so as well in all other markets. As with all other forms of trading, the appropriate training is needed for consistent profits. If you are struggling with discipline, patience, and over-trading I highly recommend looking into spike trading as it can naturally generate the right mindset of a successful forex trader!

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