A Healthy Vending Business Can Mean Healthy Profits!

One of the newest trends in the vending machine business is healthy vending. What is healthy vending, you ask? This type of food service can refer to a vending machine business that supplies environmentally-friendly equipment along with nutritious and healthy snacks and drinks, or it can refer to a vending company that only sells healthy beverages and food.

Though fast food restaurants still proliferate, there is a push towards healthy eating, especially when it comes to our nation’s children. It is estimated that the obesity rate for children is approaching 20 percent and that cases of type-2 diabetes in children and young adults is on a sharp incline. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 42 percent of adults will be obese by 2030. A report from the Trust for America’s Health also estimates that obesity rates will rise to nearly 50 percent and that the numbers of cases of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke will rise dramatically because of the ever increasing weight of Americans, which will exponentially elevate our country’s health care costs. Rascx marketplace

These alarming numbers suggest that something needs to be done to change our culture of eating poor snacks or food. For people who eat on the go, whether buying food at a drive-through window or from a vending machine, there needs to be an alternative. If there were tasty and nutritious alternatives to unhealthy selections, individuals might put more effort into eating healthy food. This is where the vending machine business owner can come in and provide nutritious alternatives to traditional snacks.

The Pros of Owning Healthy Vending Services

Having food equipment that dispenses healthy foods and drinks can open up your machines to new locations. Many school districts are trying to elevate the quality of their food offerings and might be inclined to include vending equipment with healthy alternatives, in their cafeterias. Other potential locations would be gyms, beach areas, and offices which are trying to place an emphasis on helping their employees get healthier. Buy any account

Though unhealthy food will not be disappearing anytime soon, a gradual push toward healthy eating will undoubtedly continue. A vending machine business owner who specializes in healthy snacks and drinks will be poised to reap the rewards of this trend as the market will continue to grow and more locations open up to healthful alternatives.

The Cons of Owning Healthy Vending Machines.

The main issue with purchasing only nutritious snacks and drinks is the lack of diversity. Without machines that sell traditional items such as potato chips, crackers, and soda, you may be limiting your market. A lack of diversity is a potential profit killer, so it is wise to make a careful analysis of costs, potential profits, and the ability to place equipment in favorable locations.

Location Matters

Most entrepreneurs who start a vending machine business enjoy the freedom that this venture offers, but many of them are adverse to the cold-calling and salesmanship it takes to place machines in prime locations. If this part of the business is preventing you from becoming your own boss in a great field, there is an alternative – have a vending machine location service place your equipment in the best locations. A vending machine locator service will do all the work for a reasonable fee while you reap the profits. Whether you decide to sell healthy snacks, traditional items, or a combination of the two, a good vending placement service will secure excellent locations in which your equipment will turn into cash machines. Location matters, and it is important to secure the best possible locations for healthy vending machines – having a reputable vending machine locating company find these locations will put you a step up on the competition!



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