What Are the Health Effects of Cigarette Smoke?

For many years, people have been sensitized on the health effects of cigarette smoking. Unfortunately, these messages do not seem to have any significant effect on smokers. More and more people continue to smoke ignoring the dangers of their habits. Consequently, more people continue to die every year from cigarette related illnesses such as lung cancer. Research shows that one out of two smokers will succumb to cigarette related illnesses and pass on. What is more worrying is that most of these fatalities happen in middle ages. It is therefore imperative for you to learn some of the health effects of smoking so that you can take precaution before it is too late.

Even though it is not easy to quit smoking, it is advisable that you give up the habit before it develops to a serious disease. There are numerous benefits of giving up cigarette smoking. For instance, you will be able to prolong your life. Life without harmful substances found in cigarettes is stress free. You will also keep your system free of chemicals which is important for improved health. Cigarette use really deteriorates people’s health and lowers their immune system. You will therefore find yourself susceptible to opportunistic diseases. The following are some of the common effects of cigarette smoke.

How Can Cigarette Smoke Affect You?

1. It triggers cancer: Medical research has shown that the major cause of lung cancer is cigarette smoke. Cigarettes contain nicotine, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals that trigger cancer and other serious illnesses. It has also been medically proven that cigarette smoking causes heart attack and high blood pressure. The smoke blocks airways and the blood vessels, straining the heart.

2. Leads to amputation: When your blood vessels get blocked you experience slowed blood flow which in turn affects oxygen supply. If there is not enough oxygen supply to essential organs such as feet and limbs, they might end up being amputated.

3. Emphysema: Research indicates that smokers are at a high risk of developing emphysema, a serious illness that causes rotting of the lungs. Patients of emphysema often develop bronchitis persistently. They also suffer fatal complications such as lung breakdown and heart failure.

4. Reduced birth weight: Medical professionals advise pregnant mothers not to smoke cigarettes because it puts them at risk of serious complications such as reduced birth weight, spontaneous abortion, prenatal mortality and more. It can also affect your health and that of the unborn child.



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